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Impeccable, detailed, hands-on service is the hallmark of Kema Kama. I feel that clients deserve and should expect nothing less. As your down-to-earth, proactive representative on-site, I roll up my sleeves to assure that the highest standards are continuously met and that your property is always secure. A harmonious, dedicated team of experienced specialists is created to care for your property who have proven over time to be highly competent, reliable, and budget conscious.

.......You can count on my personal dedication to your specific needs, founded in efficient management, along with a wealth of resources and in-depth property related experience. Over sixteen years I've served owners of estates and vacation rentals in West Hawaii's most prestigious locations who attest to my integrity and their satisfaction.

."Kema is the best property manager we've ever had"
Owner: Hualalai and various mainland estates


Kema Nash, Pricipal Broker, RB 22142



Estate Management


Impeccable, Reliable Services for
Exclusive Estates, Villas & Vacation Rentals


Services may include, but are not limited to:


In-depth, extensive, frequent checks
Emails reports with photographs as appropriate

Thorough, managed care of all aspects of the house and property
Pro-active, hands-on, preventative attention

Impeccable maintenance. Design and installation
Organic gardener available

Includes salt water type and infinity styles. Repairs

Detailed, managed housekeeping
Maid service
Windows, carpets, blinds
Exterior power washing

All types
Immediate, efficient and appropriate resolution

Contractors for most projects

Installations and upgrades

Special projects and requests
"On-site" personal assistant

Frequent, detailed, and intelligent reporting
Photos emailed of projects, purchases & repairs

Rigorous attention to budget and timelines
Precise management and accounting of expenditures








The environment of a vacation rental, inside and out,
should be immaculate, beautiful, peaceful, and practical.
Guests should feel catered to, and satisfied.

Kema Kama is committed to this. We consider it a priority
that guests want to return time and time again.

Hawaii Luxury Vacation Rentals



 Vacation Rental Services may include:

Please contact Kema Nash
for information and proposals for
Rental Agency Services.

Kema Nash, Principal Broker, RB22142

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Kema, you were a complete pleasure to work with and both your services and the house exceeded my expectations in almost every way. Thank you. Hualalai Rental guest. January, 2011.

"I can't tell you how fortunate I feel to have you as my property manager. It's one of the things I'm truly thankful for. You've made it possible for me to have a little piece of paradise in Hawaii." From a Vacation Rental Owner, November 2010.

"We could not be more comfortable with you (Kema), your attention to detail, competence and, most importantly, your integrity.” Hualalai home owners, September 2009.

"Kema, I'm thankful for you. Your attention to detail and organization is incredible".
new home owner; Hualalai, August 2009

“Thank you, Kema. What a wonderful experience we had! The beauty of Hawaii was fantastic and your help was part of our successful trip.” Vacation Rental guest, July 2009

“It is hard to find people with your work ethic and attention to detail. I cannot tell you how thrilled we are to have to on board!”
Hualalai Developer, 2009

“Mahalo for jumping in and doing such a great job. I wish we would have known you sooner. It is critical we get the Hualalai home sold, and your help in getting it into shape quickly is greatly appreciated. I have two other homes and 3 more lots on the island, so we have the opportunity to work together on our future projects as well. Thanks for the superior effort.” Developer, 2008

“Thanks for the continued great effort and attention to detail - you are a gem!"
Hualalai property owner

"Kema is truly a "full service" professional, managing everything for us from an extensive upgrade and landscaping, to finding furniture and a nanny. She is knowledgeable, organized and very dedicated. She has made the difference between order and utter chaos in our lives, and does it with a whole lot of sensitivity and class. We suspect there is no one like her anywhere!"

"Kema has provided services for our property for over two years and we are extremely pleased with her. Frankly, if it were not for her, we'd probably sell our vacation home and go back to staying at one of the resorts. As you may know, owning a home long distance is just short of psychotic. She has a well established list of subs and contacts that she draws upon to get repairs, maintenance, etc handled in a high quality manner with a fair and reasonable cost to us. While there is no one most important thing at the top of the list; specifically Kema is trustworthy and I am impressed with her reliability. I strongly recommend her to anybody."
Bank Executive

"Kema is a very creative expeditor and one of the most detailed people we've ever met. She accomplished to perfection what we hadn't been able to do in 2 years. She is a mature and honest woman who takes the same interest in our home and property as we do, and we feel secure knowing we can depend on her."

"It was very frustrating trying to get things done with broken promises and poor and tardy workmanship. Then we met Kema:
Accessable: She is easy to get a hold of and seems to live with her cell phone on. She uses email, enabling a written record of what and who is to do things and even sends photos.
Reliability: Kema is one of the most reliable people we have ever met. Does what she says she is going to do, and is on time and under budget, every time. She is committed to getting closure on projects.
Resourceful: She has found people to fix things that we were told could not be fixed.
Integrity: Probably at the top of my list of things that are important to us.
Dependable: I do not need to call Kema; she calls or emails me to let me know what she is already doing.
Committed: We feel that we are always a priority. Don't know how she does it but we are very happy. "
Credit Union CEO

“Thank you for being available for anything we needed, able to answer every question, and for your resourcefulness. The owner is very fortunate to have you taking such a conscientious interest in his property. We hope to stay again!”
Vacation Rental Guest

“Kema has been handling my vacation rental property since March of 2004 and I’m very satisfied with the level of service she's provided. I have complete confidence in her ability to maintain a highly professional image of the management and of the property. She also has a good network of qualified people who can handle any special requirements regarding the property maintenance. I'm not living in the U.S. and having a conscientious, capable person managing the property is very important. I highly recommend her services.”
Vacation Rental Owner

"My family had a fantastic time in Hawaii and really enjoyed staying in your vacation rental. It had everything we needed and more. We contacted Kema on a few occasions and she was full of information and dealt with any problem that we had in a timely and professional manner. She does a great job!"
Vacation Rental Guest

“Kema is wonderful to work with. If you are on the mainland, it is always great to have a person be your “eyes and ears” for your property. Kema does a great job for us and is meticulous about maintaining our properties in top-notch condition for our guests.” Reservations Manager/Luxury Vacation Rental

“Thank you for keeping an eye on our condo. You are doing an awesome job and we really really appraiate you.”
Vacation Rental Owner.

“Kema, we are in such good hands with you!”
Hualalai and Mauni Lani estate owner






Peaceful, trouble-free environments for luxurious tropical living



Rates given upon request, and after an on-site visit.
Your inquiries are welcomed.

Kema Kama Resort Properties, Inc RB22141
Kema Nash, Principal Broker, RB22142

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